Making abortion illegal in Mississippi may not have desired effect

  1. mississippis-last-abortion-clinicWhile pro life supporters celebrate that Mississippi has finally done away with legal abortions, they understand that this does not fix the problem of abortion as a whole. Michael Homula of Image Clear Ultrasound notes that abortions were happening before they became legal and will continue to happen once they become illegal again.
  2. GOP State Representative for Mississippi, Bubba Carpenter, talks about how eliminating legal abortions does not rule out the possibility of some women who can’t afford to go out of state to have abortions and might attempt at home abortions with coat hangers.
  3. GOP State Rep – We have literally stopped abortion in Mississippi
  4. According to Big Blue World, enormous amounts have women from Mississippi and Arkansas are flooding into Shelby County, TN to have abortions. The ICU Mobile team is attempting to reach these women in Mississippi before they get there to try and convince them to reconsider.

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