What Works 2/25

Is it rational to watch The Oscars? by John Cassidy



I clicked on this headline because I sat through hours of endless awards that meant nothing to me on The Oscars last night, I wondered the same question. The first paragraph is not a hard news lead, but rather a personal statement from the writer who describes his experience, or lack there of, of watching the Oscars last night.

I like how he puts some things in perspective for the readers that they may not have thought about before. He explains through examples of what events happened in the Oscars not relating to awards that it can be rational to watch an awards ceremony that you don’t actually care about who the awards are going to. He takes an interesting approach to analyzing the real reasons why shows like these are watched.

“Indeed, given the certainty that so many other people will be watching, it can be perfectly rational to tune in even if you don’t give a hoot about what film wins best picture.”

The nutgraph is in the third paragraph where he talks about what the value in watching things like The Oscars and the Superbowl really are. If people were really interested in who won the awards, it would make more sense for them to read the list of winners online the next day. The writer proposes that people are watching the Oscars for something different than just the awards.

This is more of an opinion piece than a hard news piece so there are no official sources interviewed.

I think it is a piece that makes the reader think about some of things we do naturally in ways we’ve never thought about them before.

The article kept me drawn in by asking some questions and then going on to answer them which kept my attention long enough to read the answer to their own questions.

Although the only picture in the article that is of Michelle Obama presenting best movie and it sits above the headline is I think most important picture to have since to me at least it seemed like the biggest event of the night, the article could have used more multimedia elements in it like more pictures or a video clip of instance referred to. This would keep more readers who didn’t watch the Oscars drawn in.


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