Flipping the Script assignment

As a participant in the concert community, I see a lot of people unable to sell tickets to shows that they can’t attend, leaving tickets useless, and I also see a lot of people who can’t find the perfectly priced ticket for themselves before going to a show and they end up missing out. To solve this problem, I think an iPhone app that allows users to choose a location, then a specific show, and then enter a community with other app users who are either looking for or trying to sell tickets for that certain event.


In the app one could choose Oxford, MS. A list of upcoming concerts in that area will come up next on the screen. From that page you pick the concert in mind. Then you enter a page full of postings from people selling or buying tickets. If an entry interests you, you can send a message to that person (which can be sent through the app so people don’t have to give their phone numbers to strangers) and communicate back and forth through the app. Since things are organized by location it would be easy to interest advertisers. This app should help let no ticket go unused.


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