The Rights of Homosexuals in California rests in the hands of the Supreme Court: Student Reactions

The clip below features Ole Miss seniors Schaefer Marks, Travis Williams, and Natalie Samson, some of the voices that stand behind homosexuals’ right to get married in California. Samson is a Political Science major and takes the issue very seriously.

I also heard from some students who who hope that the Supreme Court will allow Proposition 8, that bans gay marriage, to stay enforced. Cecelia Browns, a sophomore at The University of Mississippi, feels that her conflict of religion is what keeps her from supporting gay marriage.

“I hope the Supreme Court keeps Proposition 8. It’s not because I think gay people shouldn’t have rights I just think marriage is something God intended for a man and woman and we should try and preserve that. It is California though, I mean I’m from Mississippi and I don’t think gay marriage will ever be allowed here, not in my lifetime at least,” Browns said.

Sam Rider, a sophomore at The University of Mississippi, is by no means pro gay rights, but as long as their rights take place far away from him, he remains indifferent on the matter.

“I don’t care what happens in California, as long as gay marriage isn’t allowed here,” Rider said. “I guess thats the good thing about state constitutions, people should just live in whatever state thinks like they do. I’m honestly surprised it’s not already legal in California.”

Becca Calvillo, a freshman at The University of Mississippi, will be very upset if the Supreme Court rules against gay marriage.

“I think it is way past time for this issue to be resolved,” Calvillo said. “Homosexuals deserve the same rights at Heterosexuals, end of story. It really bothers me when people who won’t be affected by the issue whatsoever are so against it.”


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